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moved by love

moved by love
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For people who didn't just move in with the one they love, they move to be with the one they love.

Who We Are:
Whatever the relationship (girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife or significant other) and whatever the reason (military, job, immigration, school, something new...), whether we moved to be together or simply moved together, we've found ourselves living in places we might never have otherwise have been if it weren't for the one we love.

What We Talk About:
Talk with others who understand exactly what you're going through. We hope you're able to find understanding and advice about: making friends, keeping in touch with those back home, travel issues, moving, worries, relationship strains, your new culture and way of life, homesickness, what you weren't prepared for, what you've learned and whatever else is on your mind since you made the big move.

Introduce Yourself!
When you join, please take the time to tell us about you! We will put these posts into our memories.

Our Moderators:
crazykellysexy / Kelly

I am from Maryland, USA and have been married to Tao for 2 years.
We are planning a move to his country, South Africa,
which will be happening in October 2006.

Send me an email at kellygaraba at hotmail dot com.
Put "movedbylove" in the subject so I don't overlook it.

perfectinpart / Shauna
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I'm from Sunny Southern California, and lived there my entire life. I met my husband, Doug in 2004 and we were married April 29, 2006. After the wedding I moved almost 3,000 miles away to live with him in Ontario Canada. It's been a huge change, some changes more difficult than others, but all of them completely worth it for Doug.
You can e-mail me at iliveforwords@hotmail.com with any questions or conserns.

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